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At The Gasman We Are The Gas Specialist That Install Cooktops That Look Great And Help You Cook To Perfection. We Stock The Biggest And Most Trusted Names In The Business
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Gas Ovens and Cooktops

Gas Ovens and Cooktops

Gas Cooktops Sales, Servicing and More!

Gas cooktops don’t just look great in your kitchen, they can also help you to cook to perfection. We stock cooktops from the biggest and most trusted names in the business and offer a range of specials to help you fry up the perfect meal. The biggest advantage – you can keep cooking when the power goes out. So say goodbye to cereal or takeaway in a blackout and get your hands on a gas cooktop.

We can maintain and repair your existing cooktop too – any brand, anywhere in Auckland. Get in touch with us to ensure your cooker is in perfect shape.

Get all the benefits of gas cooktops. From the best products to repairs, call (09) 520 1978.

Start Cooking with Our Gas Ovens

Whether you’re better known for the perfect roast or burnt toast, our gas ovens are perfect for your cooking needs. Modern, stylish and effective, gas ovens will cook all of your favourite meals in no time at all. With four-function ovens and cookers with extra space, we’re sure to have a product for you. If it’s time to service or repair your gas oven, then you can call us too – even if we didn’t sell it to you in the first place.

Great Gas Ovens!

Start cooking with gas today. For gas oven products and maintenance call (09) 520 1978.