Real Fires Auckland | Inbuilt Gas Fires | Fireplace Installation
Every Design Transforms The Heart Of Your Living Space. We Carefully Consider Only The Best Real Fires For Their Ability To Add Warmth And Complement You Décor.
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Real Fires

Real Fires

Transform the heart of your living space

Each design is carefully considered for its ability to add warmth, and individuality to complement your décor. Our gas fireplaces are a welcoming focal point of the home, creating a special ambience for entertaining or relaxing with friends or family, both indoors and out.

Minimal 1000

The Real Fires minimal range of gas fireplaces evokes a modern look and feel. Constructed utilizing stunning, clean, contemporary lines, a minimal front panel and reflective side panels which enhance the flame image – the Real Fires Minimal Range of gas fireplaces epitomize the pinnacle of fireplace design and technology.

Outdoor 1200

Bring a warm glowing ambience to your outdoor space with a Real Fires Outdoor Fireplace. This fire will add value and style to your entertaining area. Through its durable materials and versatile design, this fireplace can accommodate a wide range of outdoor settings.

Standard RF 1000

If you have entertaining at heart, the RF 1000 is a bold statement for any lounge or formal area. This model is available as a fully electronic option and comes in a variety of panel and trim.