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Do you want the perfect solution for heating in your home or office? If so, look no further than gas heating. We stock a wide range of heating appliances from leading brands, and we can install and maintain them too. With a range of energy smart options, we can turn gas main into gas flame, and you can say goodbye to high energy bills. 

Explore our range below and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need repairs and maintenance on any of your gas heaters – no matter the brand or installer.
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Gas Heaters for Sale NZ

Flued gas heaters are a great option for keeping your home warm and comfortable during the cooler months. 

The warmth that they provide is very efficient and effective, without any of the maintenance requirements that come with traditional heating systems.

Looking for the right indoor gas heater in NZ?

Flued gas heaters for the home come in a range of sizes and types, allowing you to select the best model for your requirements. Installation is fast and easy too, meaning that you could be feeling cosy again in no time at all.

What’s more, flued gas heating often uses less energy than other heating options, making it an excellent environmentally conscious choice! 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to keep yourself warm this winter season, look no further than flued gas heating. And for gas heaters for sale in NZ, call The Gasman!

Should gas heaters be flued?

For anyone who has recently installed a natural gas heater in their home or is considering it, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with older, non-flued heaters.

Flued heaters are specifically designed to vent harmful gases away from the living space and ensure the safe operation of your heating system. 

These models are usually much more efficient than those without flues and will help promote healthy indoor air quality by directing dangerous fumes away from you, your family, and your pets. Indoor air pollution is not a problem when it comes to a quality flued gas heater!

Flued heaters can also save on energy costs since they enable hot air to circulate more freely and evenly throughout the room. 

Are unflued gas heaters legal in NZ?

In New Zealand, the use of unflued gas heaters can occasionally be legal – depending on their type and whether they meet safety regulations. Regulations vary from region to region, so it is important to check with local authorities before installing and using an unflued gas heater.

If a particular model of unflued indoor gas heater in NZ is approved for use in your area, be sure to also read the instructions carefully – incorrect installation or incorrect use can pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazard.

Flued gas heaters for the home are a much safer option. Chat with us today to learn more about installing a flued gas heater in NZ!

Do flued gas heaters cause condensation?

While these types of heaters are far more efficient than wood-burning heaters, they can produce additional moisture in the air. When cold surfaces like windows, walls or taps come into contact with warm water vapour in the air, condensation forms. 

This means that you need to be aware of where exactly you’re positioning your gas heater and also reduce the amount of condensation-causing activities – like showering and cooking – while it’s running.

Proper ventilation is also key! Make sure your heater has plenty of access to clean, fresh air. With a few little adjustments, you can enjoy the benefits of a flued gas heater without fretting about unwanted moisture.

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A gas heating solution that delivers excellent air quality and efficient heating to any room.


  • Healthier: Approved by the Asthma Foundation’s Sensitive Choice® Programme
  • Flued heaters the maintain air quality for a healthy breathing environment
  • Faster: Warm your home faster than a heat pump
  • Quiet: You won’t know it’s there

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