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Experience Elegance with Gas Fires


Nothing says sophistication quite like an open fire. With the Gasman’s range of gas fires, you can combine this elegance with practicality for the perfect heating solution. Feast your eyes on the fire from our gas flames and say goodbye to wood and smoke. Our fireplaces are clean, warm and timelessly attractive.

We only stock the best names in gas fires – from Real Fires to Rinnai – and we can install and maintain them for you too. So whether you want spruce up an outdoor entertaining areas or bring a taste of nature to your living room, our gas fires are perfect for you.
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Do you need consent for a gas fire place NZ?

If you are planning on installing a gas fireplace in your home in New Zealand, you should know that in order to do so legally, you need to get consent from your local Building Consent Authority and a gasfitter who is certified.

When it comes to consent for a gas fire place in NZ, you may also need to acquire other specialist consents. Get in touch with us today for expert advice.

Is a gas fireplace worth it?

Gas fireplaces in NZ are a great way to add warmth, comfort and ambience to any home! Not only do they provide a cosy atmosphere and extra heating, but also can significantly reduce energy costs.

With the convenience of turning on and off with the flip of a switch, gas fireplaces are hassle-free without compromising on beauty. When comparing traditional wood-burning fireplaces in terms of efficiency, gas fireplaces are much more efficient as they don’t require constant resupplying of logs and have clean-burning capabilities.

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Is it cheaper to run a gas fire in NZ?

Gas fires can be a great way to keep your house warm in the winter – they are usually cheaper to buy than traditional log fires and they require very little in terms of maintenance.

But is a gas fire actually cheaper to run? It all depends on the type of gas fire you have – there are several different types, such as open-flued and balanced flue, which vary widely in how efficient they are when it comes to energy costs.

For best results, you should have any new fire installed and serviced by a Gas Safe qualified engineer. With careful consideration and regular servicing, gas fires can be an effective and economical way to heat your home. Besides, you also can find our outdoor gas fireplace products from our collection

Looking to run a gas fire in NZ? We’ve got you covered.
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Enhance your space with a fire place! Call (09) 520 1978 for enquires and maintenance.

Rinnai Linear Collection


For our latest range of premium gas fires, the Linear Collection, Rinnai’s designers took their inspiration from Aotearoa’s unique landscapes. They hand selected driftwood washed up on our wild West Coast beaches, and stones to match those shaped by our rivers and tides. These were painstakingly recreated as perfectly lifelike ceramics.

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Rinnai Ember Range

Enjoy a warm welcome home with the new Rinnai Ember, the little hottie that offers the stunning glow of a wood fire, the superior warmth of a gas fire – and none of the hard work! A small gas fire with compact dimensions suitable for both new builds and renovations, the Rinnai Ember is available in two sizes and delivers over 5 kW of heat output.

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Rinnai Evolve Range

Design your own with modern burn media or traditional logs and a choice of two fascias. Design your own with modern burn media or traditional logs and a choice of two frames. With up to 8.1 kW of heat output, the Evolve 950 gas fire can easily heat up to 125 m². What’s more, it’s easy to install.

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Rinnai Symmetry Range

You can heat two additional rooms with the clever heat transfer system blending functionality and style, the Symmetry RDV3611 from Rinnai will be the focal point of your living environment. The fire features cost-saving efficiency, design versatility and leading innovations to help keep your home warm and healthy throughout the year.

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Rinnai Neo Range

Designed for traditional interiors. Ideal for a villa renovation, an art deco restoration, or a home that has an existing hearth and mantel piece you already like.Combining good looks with the latest advances in technology. Impressively it’s the first natural draft gas fire available in New Zealand with a greater than 4-star energy rating across all installations.

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Rinnai Compact

The Rinnai Compact 2 has been deliberately designed to get into those tighter spaces, whether it’s an existing masonry chimney or a smaller living room. It’s easy to retrofit and it looks terrific.

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Rinnai Arriva 752

Striking modern aesthetic, and a spectacular 5.6 star energy efficiency rating.

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Regency Horizon

The Regency Horizon™ HZ54E offers a wide angle view of a unique and dramatic flame; perfect for contemporary homes and open concept living spaces. Inset reflective panels amplify the appearance of the stunning fire. The incredible styling is backed up by practical function; delivering consistent controllable high efficiency heat… even during power outages

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We have free home visits to advise you on your gas requirements, so give us a call and we'll pop by to give you the best advice for your gas solution. We can supply and install Auckland wide.

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