Gas cooktops don’t just look great in your kitchen, they can also help you to cook to perfection. We stock cooktops from the biggest and most trusted names in the business and offer a range of specials to help you fry up the perfect meal. The biggest advantage – you can keep cooking when the power goes out. So say goodbye to cereal or takeaway in a blackout and get your hands on a gas cooktop.

We can maintain and repair your existing cooktop too – any brand, anywhere in Auckland. Get in touch with us to ensure your cooker is in perfect shape.

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Whether you’re better known for the perfect roast or burnt toast, our gas ovens are perfect for your cooking needs. Modern, stylish and effective, gas ovens will cook all of your favourite meals in no time at all. With four-function ovens and cookers with extra space, we’re sure to have a product for you. If it’s time to service or repair your gas oven, then you can call us too – even if we didn’t sell it to you in the first place.
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What do you call a gas stove with oven?

A gas stove with oven is usually referred to as a “range.” It is one of the oldest and most common appliances in the kitchen, providing you with both top cooking elements as well as an oven that allows you to bake.

Not only can these ranges be found in a variety of sizes, but they are also often sold in both gas-powered and electric varieties. If you want to update your kitchen, consider investing in one of these classic pieces of kitchen equipment to save yourself time and energy when preparing your favourite meals.

For gas stoves in NZ, you can count on The Gasman.

Are gas stoves actually better?

When it comes to deciding between a gas stove and other cooktop alternatives, the decision can be difficult. Gas stoves are attractive due to their instant heat control and impressive flame size. 

Gas can be less expensive than electric in some cases, depending on the cost of electricity in your area. For advice on gas stoves in NZ, get in touch with us!

Can I install a new gas hob myself?

Making the switch to a gas hob in NZ is an exciting step, but it’s important to make sure you’re taking the right steps in ensuring your safety. Unfortunately, installing a gas hob can be a tricky procedure, requiring experience and expertise since it involves both electrical wiring and complex plumbing work.

It’s highly recommended that you hire an expert to install your new appliance for you. Don’t take any chances: have a certified technician carry out the installation process of your gas hob and oven – after all, your safety should always come first!

Get in touch with The Gasman for expert assistance and services for your new gas hob and oven.

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